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Our Story

My City Tequila is a community with the highest quality, small-batch tequila brands in each city. With My City Tequila, we want to bring a unique tequila experience, community, and engagement to your city.

Our tequila is handcrafted with a passion for making great-tasting tequila and a commitment to quality.

Over the past few years, we have aimed to provide people with a unique experience of great-tasting tequila. As a minority-owned business, we have a great sense of responsibility to positively impact communities and the environment.

We are committed to growing our community and finding like-minded individuals who love good-tasting tequila by using our reach for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create communities, and give an experience like never before.

We have had great experiences drinking our tequilas, and we would like the opportunity to share them with you.

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Our Tequilas

My City My Tequila
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Best Quality

100% Blue Agave

Our Tequilas

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We Make Tequila

My City My Tequila

Get to Know Us

The Origin of our Tequilas

Our tequilas start with a family recipe and hold true to traditional production methods.  For over a century, the recipe has been handed down in the family with time-honored farming and production practices to create only the finest handcrafted tequila 100% Blue Agave.  

How our Tequilas are made?

Farmed by hand, slow cooked in clay masonry kilns, naturally fermented up to 7 days, double distilled in small batches, and bottled on-site to create an experience like none other.

Where you can Taste our Tequilas?

The current location that we have launched My City Tequila in is 813 Area (Tampa Bay); new locations are coming soon. Contact us if you are ready to experience My City Tequila and want to request it in your city.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is to bring a local craft model to the Tequila industry by establishing brands within key US and Global markets while establishing communities within each in support of their tequila 


Current Locations: 813 Tequila

Future Locations: 305 Tequila, 904 Tequila, 407 Tequila, 727 Tequila, 818 Tequila, 617 Tequila, 314 Tequila, 802 Tequila, 302 Tequila, 704 Tequila, 316 Tequila, 307 Tequila, 402 Tequila, 401 Tequila, 203 Tequila, 410 Tequila, 515 Tequila, 304 Tequila, 601 Tequila, 603 Tequila, 503 Tequila, 502 Tequila, 463 Tequila, 206 Tequila, 612 Tequila, 907 Tequila, 406 Tequila, 405 Tequila, 316 Tequila, 501 Tequila, 605 Tequila, 208 Tequila, 414 Tequila, 808 Tequila, 701 Tequila, 502 Tequila, 801 Tequila, 575 Tequila.

Locations Coming Soon

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Our Tequilas

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